With a workforce of nearly 250, Polyco Healthline is an exciting and rapidly evolving company.

We actively encourage dynamism and an entrepreneurial spirit. With an ambitious growth strategy in a fast-moving industry, we won’t be slowing any time soon.

In every area of our business, we recognise that our people are our greatest asset. We see each person as an individual, on their own career path. That’s why we take care to nurture, grow and help realise their ambitions.

As an example of our commitment to our employees, we seek long-term permanent employees even in our warehouse. This provides year-round employment prospects rather than seasonal opportunities – a rarity in Lincolnshire.

If you’d like to join us, please share your ambitions and CV by emailing


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Andrej Catlos

Andrej Catlos

I was in my early 20s when I joined the company in 2006. My first job since arriving from Slovakia, I dreamt of new career opportunities and a quality life.

Through a temporary agency, I was among seven other warehouse workers, unloading containers at the newly opened DC1 warehouse. After that first positive experience, I introduced my brother to the company, who has also had a really progressive career.

After nine months, I’d received sufficient training to become a picker, fork-lift driver and team leader. But, ambitious for more, I saw an opportunity to apply to be a Logistics Administrator in the office and put myself forward for the role.

Steve McCarthy, Group Logisitcs and Regulatory Affairs Manager saw my potential and actually promoted me to a higher level: I became a Logistics Manager.

Since then, the business has grown considerably, adding three more state-of-the-art warehouses to the Bourne distribution facility. Today, I’m the Logistics Manager for all four and I love every minute. There’s a great atmosphere. And having the Owners and Directors walking on the shop floor each week, knowing everyone by name, creates a really close-knit family feel.

As an employer, Polyco Healthline offers regular training opportunities for all the warehouse staff – from licences in fork-lift driving to first aid and fire marshal courses. Such opportunities mean my team stay motivated as they grow with the company.

Ben Harlock

Ben Harlock

After studying art and design from an early age at school, I first stepped into a design studio for the travel industry.

From there, I joined Polyco Healthline in 2004 where I began a steep learning curve into everything design and technology related. My first task was to set up an in-house studio, which I grew into an active production house, including a garment embroidery machine.

I can easily trace my passion for exploring design hardware and software back to those early days.

Today, with the company’s support, my skills have widened into management, project management and brand marketing. I’m now the Marketing Manager for the Digital and Direct Business Unit, and currently responsible for developing our e-commerce website and portals. My special interest here is to gauge how design influences customer behaviour.

I keep pace with advances in technology and seek to exploit the commercial opportunities they bring. So it’s been great to have bosses who really listen to me and invest in my ideas.

Thanks to my design background, those ideas will always have a creative slant. I look forward to growing with Polyco Healthline. It’s motivating to know the company never stops innovating its products and market channels.

Hakan Azizoglu

Hakan Azizoglu

Just out of college and excited to enter the world of work, I joined the company in 2012 as an IT Apprentice. Having spent a year learning from and shadowing the team, I was offered a full-time role as an IT Assistant.

My primary task was to ensure our staff got the IT support they needed to do their jobs at full capacity.

From that point on, with the support of a great manager and team, I was given a substantial amount of freedom to discover and implement new IT systems within the company – leading to a promotion into the role of IT Systems Engineer.

Opportunities like these continue to allow me to grow and develop further as part of the Polyco Healthline ‘family’ every single day.

Alice Goldsmith

Alice Goldsmith

I started my career at Tesco, where I completed Tesco’s management training programme. Not content with settling in retail, I really wanted to expand my skill base and experience in sales and online.

So, in 2015, I joined the Company as a Sales Executive for industrial customers, where I managed a team of two and we had great success hitting our targets.

After 18 months in that role, I was invited to head up the Customer Service Team of 13 Advisors. While much of my product and marketing knowledge came from working directly with clients, it was the company’s belief in me that gave me the confidence to grow into the role and succeed.

Now I work with my team and cross functionally, which has provided amazing insight into the service, operational and logistics side of the business.

I’m ambitious by nature and definitely looking forward to a successful future with Polyco Healthline and increasing my commercial skillset.

Nadine Hunger

Nadine Hunger

Although my background was in a completely different industry (I was an industrial crane salesperson), I started working with the company in 2010. I am German and speak three languages but I have always believed that my key skill is in interacting and engaging with the general public.

My first role was Area Sales Manager for Central and Eastern Europe. Back then, my bosses could see that I wasn’t just hard working and committed, but I could think outside the box and was always persistent in trying to land sales.

This led to my promotion in 2013, when I became a Senior Key Account Manager. In this new role over the next few years, I led and trained a team of International Customer Service Advisors.

Today, thanks to my efficient and highly organised approach, I’m the Head of Internal Sales - International.  I love remaining ‘hand’s on’ liaising with clients while supporting my team and new business.

Charlotte Porter

Charlotte Porter

After working in hospitality and living in Enfield most of my life, I was seeking a new challenge. So, in 2015 I joined the Customer Service Team in Enfield as a Customer Service Executive. In 2016 I took the opportunity to relocate with the company and join the newly formed Polyco Healthline Customer Service Team in Bourne.

It was definitely a big move to relocate to Lincolnshire. This was made easier with support from my family and help from Polyco Healthline, so I quickly settled professionally and socially. I was a big fan of sharing ‘best practice’ from my old and new teams. I guess this got noticed, because I was promoted to Team Leader within ten months.

Although I’m young and have lots of options, right now I couldn’t be happier. We have a great laugh as a team and enjoy our jobs to the point that – on some days – it doesn’t feel like work.